“St. Joseph reveals to us the secret of a humanity which dwells in the presence of mystery and is open to that mystery at every moment of everyday life. In Joseph, faith is not separated from action....Joseph is a 'just man' because his existence is 'ad-justed' to the Word of God.”
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Cameroon 2009
COMMUNITY: Living His Communion Together

Men's Club



Welcome to the Holy Family Men’s Club (HFMC)
Membership Enrollment Drive

Thank you for your interest in joining the HFMC Men’s Club.  Open enrollment is now upon us!  All men above the age of twenty-one who are registered parishioners and/or non-registered men who reside within the boundaries of our parish community are eligible for membership in our organization.

Our organization’s goals include:


Ø       To foster, encourage, and promote Catholic and Christian principles, philosophies, and ethics among the Parish community

Ø       To foster and encourage community outreach for the enhancement and betterment of the parish and community at large

Ø       To support parish ministries and liturgical activities

Ø       To provide social activities for the enjoyment of the HFMC Men’s Club members and parish

Ø       To assist the parish and the community when called upon and when able.

Ø       To serve the Church and surroundings Community

with OUTREACH programs and services


Our monthly meetings are held on the third Sunday of the month, begin at 9:30am in the Allen Drury Room and provide an excellent chance to socialize with members, and friends of the parish.


In addition to our monthly meetings, the Men’s Club organizes and runs many activities and events during the year.  Just some of these include:


·         Skiing Tour (Feb)

·         Valentine Day Raffle (Feb)

·         Mother’s Day Brunch(May)

·         Paper Shredding Event for the Community (May/Jun)

·         NFL Watch Party (NFL Season)

·         Golf Outing (Jun)

·         Nationals Game (Jun-Jul)

·         Annual Jazz concert for Families (Jul)

·         Crab Feast (Aug)

·         Retreats and Bible studies

·         Fundrasing

·         Social gatherings and outings

·         Community Events

·         Food Pantry support


Please join us….there is always something going on and the HFMC is an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends! For more information contact Mr. DeRay Hodge, President, through the rectory at 301-894-2222.


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Prayer to St. Joseph

May St. Joseph become for all of us an exceptional teacher in the service of Christ's saving mission...May he show us the paths of this saving Covenant...May St. Joseph obtain for the Church and for the world, as well as for each of us, the blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.
-St. John Paul II, Redemptoris Custos


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