“More and more peopleparents in particularrecognize the need for excellence in the human formation of their children....Indeed, the dignity of education lies in fostering the true perfection and happiness of those to be educated."
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Meeting with Catholic Educators
April 2008
EDUCATION: Formed in His Communion

About our School Community

Welcome to our school community! With our teachers and staff, we are personally committed to the education and formation of each of the 150 young people entrusted to our daily care. Please don't hesitate to contact us personally if you have any questions about our school. -Fr. Kevin Regan, Pastor & Mrs. Michelle Taylor, Principal

School address:
2200 Callaway St.
Hillcrest Heights, MD 20748
Phone: 301-894-2323
Fax: 301-894-7100
Email: info@holyfamilymd.org
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Hours of Operation:
School Day 7:55 AM - 2:45PM
School Office 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Extended Care:
Before Care (6:30 AM - 7:45 PM)
After Care (school dismissal-6:00 p.m.)

Inclement Weather:
Our school follows the school cancellation policy of Prince George's County. To sign up for school cancellation alerts, visit here. If Prince George’s County Public Schools are opening late, then Before Care will delay its opening by the same number of hours.
School Closings: If Prince George’s County closes early, then Holy Family School will also close early and there will be NO After Care.

A Brief History of Holy Family School

The earliest known history for the community now known as Holy Family dates back to the summer of 1944 when a young man serving with the Red Cross in Italy, shared a dream he had with renowned man of God, Padre Pio, at the Capuchin Monestary in Foggia. Padre Pio is renowned for being the only priest to bear the marks of the crucifixion on his hands, feet, and side. The young man told Padre Pio how he had acquired some property in Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C., a tract topped by wooded hills, which overlooked the nation’s capital. The young man shared his hope that some day, the Blessed Sacrament would be worshipped in a church on that hilltop. That visionary and charitable man was William Carrigan. Padre Pio expressed his support for the endeavor, and promised Mr. Carrigan that he would pray for that intention. The following year, while on a visit home, young William Carrigan marched up the hill and placed a miraculous medal he had received from Padre Pio in a small hole on the very hill he had referenced while sharing his dream.

In 1948, the Archdiocese of Washington was created and Archbishop Patrick A. O’Boyle was appointed its ordinary by Pope Pius XII. Shortly thereafter, now Cardinal O’Boyle was invited by Mr. Carrigan to visit the hilltop to survey the area envisioned to house the new church. They climbed the hill and after sharing his dream with the Cardinal, Mr. Carrigan offered six acres of property in the sparsely populated, underdeveloped area served by very few roads out of Washington, D.C. After receiving the offer, and considering the challenges that this undeveloped tract of land presented, Cardinal O’Boyle accepted the generous gift, and a location for making Mr. Carrigan’s dream of building a church in this area was granted.

In 1952, Cardinal O’Boyle directed Fr. Joseph E. Gedra to establish a parish in the area now known as Hillcrest Heights, adjoining a neighborhood in Washington long known as Hillcrest. The new parish territory, in Prince George’s County was to serve the spiritual needs of the existing area, which also included an increasing population of African‐Americans residing in the nearby District of Columbia. Many families moved only short distances from neighboring parishes in Washington. The formal establishment of Holy Family parish took place November 16, 1952, when Cardinal O’Boyle dedicated a temporary church in the Quonset building.

The quiet suburb of single‐family homes and few subdivisions seemed to change daily, as vacant fields yielded to excavation and construction crews. After many fundraisers, raffles, and sacrifices made by those in the community, September of 1957 saw Holy Family Parish take its vision of opening its own elementary school move from mere concept art, and architects renditions of the building, to actual walls and classrooms made of concrete and mortar. At its inception, The Holy Family School opened with 200 children in the first and second grades. The teachers assigned with the enormous responsibility of educating these children were the Sisters of St. Joseph. Mother Regina Perpetua was selected to lead this cadre of nuns and educators as the school’s first principal.

Today’s Holy Family School

Today’s Holy Family School has changed significantly since its beginning. In addition to teaching grades one and two, Holy Family now offers instruction to students from pre‐kindergarten three through the eighth grades.

Today’s principal, Mrs. Michelle Taylor leads a diverse group of teachers, administration, building support personnel, and Extended Care staff to help make the school function.

The school’s mission is to provide students with a fruitful education that addresses the needs of the whole child, while keeping the students rooted in the love and faith of Jesus Christ, and striving for academic excellence, racial dignity, respect for self, others, and our world.

A key element in making the school function well is safety. Safety is a prerequisite for learning. A workshop entitled “Protecting God’s Children” is administered to sensitize and inform adults about potential threats posed to children, and suggests practices to follow, to minimize their likelihood. Additionally, every adult who interacts with the children at Holy Family is fingerprinted as part of the process.

The school offers an Extended Care program as an extension to the normal school day for students. This licensed program provides supervision and structure for those children arriving early, or leaving after normal dismissal hours.

The world presents many negative influences and choices that our children must learn to successfully navigate. At Holy Family, our strategy for combating these obstacles is based on teaching strong Christian values through religious instruction. Our emphasis is on developing strong moral character in our children. As part of that development, we participate as a school in daily Morning and Afternoon Prayer. Additionally, every Thursday, students attend and fully participate in weekly mass. As active participants in mass, students act as lectors, altar aides, ushers, and serve as the church choir.

Academically, the Holy Family School provides both traditional and contemporary instruction. In addition to their religious studies, students regularly receive instruction in language arts and reading, mathematics, social studies, and science. Other specialty classes include Art, Spanish, Library, Computers, and Music instruction. The school counselor meets with children to assist with class work, assess areas where special attention may be required, and make recommendations for improving those areas. The counselor is also available to lend emotional support to children who may want to discuss a variety of personal issues.

To complement the more traditional classes, supplementary activities such as field trips, student tutoring, book fairs, and the science fair provide opportunities to further academic development, and allow students to demonstrate an understanding of the things they have been taught.

At Holy Family School, students are encouraged to be socially conscious citizens of the world. The school annually participates in Thanksgiving and Christmas food drives. The long standing presence of religious sisters serving at Holy Family sadly came to an end at the conclusion of the 2006 – 2007 school year. The lessons they taught however will continue to serve as a model for all to follow in what it means to serve others, remain humble, and remember our Christian values.


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